Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Ruthie On The Road, Update

I had no choice but to click on my powerful Smith & Wesson LED flashlight and walk down that ramp. I waved my light all over the place (it shines a mile and changes color from white to red to blue if I set it that way)and hoped that I wouldn't get hit.

Why didn't I stay on the ramp?

Because past experience has taught me that the Idaho runs its hitchhiking rules different ways in different parts of the State.

And I am aware that that particular stretch of road is usually patrolled by the crankiest cops in Idaho. So, I didn't even think of sitting on that ramp for even five minutes!

After I walked about a mile, a bright light appeared behind me. And I knew before I turned around that the chances that the light represented a flying saucer or a Hollywood director were probably out. In other words, I knew that it was time to say "Oh, no...it's the Po-Po."

Sure enough, a cop with a hat that I firmly believe was modeled after the one worn by Mr. Potato Head...climbed out of his car.

He asked me what I was doing. I thought for a second and decided that I would not give him my first choice for an answer.

He turned-out to be surprisingly kind and also high up on the authority chain.

After running my plastic, he put me in the back of his car and drove me into Black Foot. Then he told me that I could hitchhike from the ramp. And he added that if anyone had a question, to contact him and then he handed me his card.

I still have it.

About fifteen-minutes later, another State Trooper pulled-up and told me to get off the ramp.

I showed him the other officer's card and said that I was given permission to hitchhike there.

"Yeah?" he sneered.

"Well, I'm going to contact him right now and if you're lying to me, then I'm gonna give you a ticket," he said.

"Oh, whatever," I said and sat down on my pack.

A few minutes later the cop said, "Well, he says that he's gonna let you hitchhike here and he's the boss. But don't go up on the interstate, you understand?" he asked.

"Gotcha," I replied and even though I had permission to hitchhike...nobody picked me up from that spot the rest of that night.

Sure enough

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