Friday, June 06, 2008

A Single Prayer In Pasco

I interrupt this series of updates to post a copy of a letter that I am sending out to many different sources after my bad experience last night in Pasco, Washington:

I came to the women's "rescue" mission for the first time last year. When I walked in,
I asked if I could get something to eat. I had been hitchhiking all
day and I was in need of a meal.

The woman gave a disgusted sigh and got me a cup of ramen noodles.

Then she went and got herself a heaping plate of real food from a kitchen area.

I looked at the noodles and I looked at her plate and she told me to
go eat on the bench in the hallway.

I stayed the night there but it was obvious that only a few women were
staying there.

And those women were afraid to make a peep.

There's something very wrong with that.

The next morning, I woke up when I was supposed to and went to find a
staff person. I wanted to get some information about breakfast and

I knocked on the office door and finally got an angry response. The
woman appeared to be tired/under the influence.

Our conversation went nowhere and she told me to leave.

Last night, I returned. A year later.

A nice, Christian couple picked me up as I was hitchhiking over the
big bridge. I told them what happened at the mission last year.

When we got to the mission door, it was locked. So we knocked on it.
Finally a woman answered and said, "There's a doorbell there...and it

The man noticed her rude behavior and asked if they would guarantee me
a bed for the night. The woman promised him that I could stay there.

So the couple hugged me and drove away.

I walked in the mission door and another woman walked out into the
hallway and told me that I couldn't stay there. She said that she
remembered me from last year and added, "You caused us a whole lot of
trouble last year."

I tried to reason with her but she made me leave. I called the police
but they were no help. I went to the hospital but they didn't help.
Finally, I went to a gas station and told the cashier my story. Her
friend came in and kindly offered his home for the night. He was and
is a total gentleman and a practicing Christian.

When your mission let me down...God took my hand, instead.

Your missions are no more related to the Gospels than the workers
souls are linked to the Lord.

Shame on you and your people.

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