Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Ruthie On The Road, Update

I finally reached Ohio and started hitchhiking along Highway 6. There was traffic on that road...but nobody would pick me up.

The day became hot and my left foot began to ache with an evil throb.

A few minutes after I finally reached a guard rail and sat down, a Sheriff's deputy stopped and checked on me.

Then he put me in the back of his cruiser and drove me to a shelter in a town that is literally off the beaten path.

A couple of women and a little girl live there and I was fortunate to have a room to myself.

But I was only given permission to stay there for one night. The next morning the supervisor of the shelter drove me back to Highway 6.

And I struggled for the rest of that day to get rides through Northern Ohio.

Finally, outside of a small village, a couple from Indiana stopped and gave me a ride. They also bought me dinner at Burger King.

Then we continued on...and drove a great distance (It seemed that way to me, anyway) to New Philadelphia, Ohio.

(I decided to drop south and avoid the mess in Cleveland.)

New Philadelphia was a challenge from the get-go. And it was surely nothing like the experience that I had with Amy and Joe in Indiana.

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