Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Ruthie On The Road, Update

Highway 18 East, Indiana:

I sat on the guard rail by the Love's Truck Stop outside of Marion, Indiana and finally got a ride.

A construction worker and his buddy drove me down Highway 18 to a small town. There they hooked me up with a lady at a church who took me to her home. When I got there, she showed off her pet's new kittens (they are super cute!) and a six-foot blanket that features the entire Lord's Prayer.

The woman, Claudia, drove me over to her friend's thrift store in another town. Her friend helped me picked out some clothes and served me huge slices of watermelon. The friend gave Claudia twenty-dollars that we put toward the cost of a motel room for me for that night. Then Claudia drove me over to yet ANOTHER friend in another town where we got the rest of the money and she booked me a room. And she also got me dinner at Kentucky Fried Chicken and said goodbye to me with a smile.

The next day started easy and became much more complicated.

I found the local laundry place and washed my clothes. Then I went to the library and pounded out some blog updates. And THEN, I hitchhiked out of the town and got a ride right away. BUT...that ride proved to be last ride for hours after that!

Try as I did, I couldn't get a single soul to stop and give me a lift.

I ran out of water and out of sheer desperation, I walked up to a farmhouse and asked for something to drink. The folks there dropped what they were doing, got me several bottles of chilled water and some food and drove me almost all the way to Geneva, Indiana.

In other words, in that neck of the woods, if you want to get anything done...you've got to KNOCK ON THE DOOR AND ASK!

The sun went down and the moon came up and I walked along a dark curve with just my flashlight to guide the way into Geneva.

When I got into the town, I found a small table and chairs situated on the outside of a closed business. I put my pack on the table, sat down in one of the chairs, laid my head on my pack and went right to sleep.

And then a local cop drove up...

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