Saturday, July 12, 2008

Ruthie On The Road, Update

The guy turned-out to be someone who used to run a soup kitchen on the Pacific Coast in Newport, Oregon. I know him well.

I didn't know his wife until yesterday.

I stayed at the shelter last night. And the man's wife prepared a fantastic turkey dinner!

Then I took a shower and went sleep in a small, comfy bed. In a room by myself.

The couple said that I could stay at their shelter until Monday. (They live in the house, too.) Then they'd see what they could do to help get me situated in a longer-term location.

But a problem came up that I couldn't deal with: The way that the woman disciplined her kids.

Her daughter is about nine months old. Her son is nineteen months old.

And every time the boy made a peep or did something that she didn't like (which was often), the mother would grab the kid and drag him into a nearby bedroom...and shut the door.

She spanked the kid over and over. And when she wasn't doing that, she threatened him
several times an hour.

When she started the spanking routine again this morning, after her husband left, I got fed-up!

Finally, as fate would have it, she made a big mistake: She got so caught up in "disciplining" her son that her baby daughter rolled off a nearby bed and hit her head on the floor.

Five minutes later, the mother whisked the baby off to the local hospital emergency room.

When she returned, I told her that I was leaving (which I have) and that her baby's injury is a "warning from God."

I told her to lighten-up on her son and take a hard look at her own behavior toward both of her children.

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