Saturday, August 02, 2008

Blade Edge Of The Bus

A law enforcement officer stands outside and negotiates with Vince Weiguang Li, 40. Li, who is pictured talking to the officer through the window of the Greyhound bus, is accused of decapitating
22-year old Tim McLean.
PHOTO: Associated Press

By now the world knows about the brutal stabbing, gutting and beheading of young Tim Mclean by fellow passenger Vince Weiguang Li on a Greyhound bus in Canada.

Bus murder victim Tim Mclean
PHOTO: British Broadcasting Corporation

My question is: WHEN is Greyhound Lines, Inc. going to stop making lame excuses for its disgraceful lack of security in its terminals and on board its buses?

Every major airport terminal and Amtrak station in North America has security that has been refined to protect passengers. Meanwhile, Greyhound Lines, Inc. just shrugs it off, takes every one of its passengers money and acts like security isn't their problem.

I am disgusted by the statements that Greyhound Lines, Inc. has made since this most recent crime took place.

I believe that the bus corporation is responsible for the safety of its customers when those people buy a ticket and become passengers on their bus lines. PERIOD!

And I also know that it's time that Scotland wakes up and kicks First Group into action!

It wouldn't inconvenience me at all to go through a metal detector or x-ray device before boarding a Greyhound bus. I wouldn't mind it at all if a security officer searched my pack before my luggage is stowed in the cargo hold.

Every person who buys a ticket in good faith has the right to be safe on a Greyhound bus.

THAT, GLI, is the bottom line. Don't bother shuffling through this latest outrage unless your small words will bring Tim Mclean back to life.


Shannon said...

You are so correct. There is no way on this earth I would ride Greyhound before this or now!

James's Blog & Other Musings said...

As a former driver for GH from Chicago for over 22 years, I can tell you with all honesty that GH is run by the top execs for only one purpose - to pay themselves hefty salaries at the expense of the working stiffs who actually do the work.

When I began driving it was a reasonably well-run company with reasonably honest management, but after John Teets became CEO in 1982 the only thing management became interested in was thievery - how to convert the company's assets to $$ and how to make off with as much of that $$ as possible. It's a trend that continues today but since the assets are long gone (just about everything today is either leased or rented instead of owned) it's the cash flow that provides today's moola for the fat cats.

If you are not one of the chosen few in upper management, you basically are a disposable employee - no better than a used Pamper when you've outlasted your usefulness.

Of course GH won't admit this (just like a lot of other inconvenient truths they won't admit either), but that's how it actually is.

The Canadian union is half-way decent, but only because of Canadian law. The U.S. union is toothless and worthless, collecting dues and acting like they're doing something when they're really not. A sham and a farce of a union thanks to U.S. law.

GH will never upgrade security to what the airlines have - too expensive. The top guys won't give up what they consider to be their money. Any wacko or mental case recently released from his ward can walk up & buy a ticket as long as he has ID.

And we all know that the words 'customer service' is nothing but an oxymoron at GH.

--- James

Ruthie In The Sky said...

Thank you for your comments, Shannon and James.

Shannon, are you, by chance, Canadian?

Am I to assume that you have never been a passenger on any of Greyhound's lines?

James, I left a comment on your blog. I hope that you strap yourself in front of your keyboard and start writing more about Greyhound...put it in your blog.

I believe that it's long overdue!