Friday, August 22, 2008

Better Than Worthy

I recently subscribed to yet another "Christian" message board and found it to be as phony and hypocritical as every other one that I've checked-out.

I eventually got a notice in my email that told me that my account has been suspended.

Gee, I hope so.

Because I wouldn't want to be aligned with that bunch of Bible-bots for two seconds.

My new roommate is kind. She makes coffee (and I push the button before she wakes up), braids my hair and tells me fascinating stories about her life. Today she introduced me to her man-friend. He's cool.

To me, SHE is a Christian. So is everyone else who is looking out for my well-being here.

Sure, the message board shut me out. But God didn't. He blessed me and continues to do so. More and more and more.

I don't need an Internet forum. But I think it's great that God still needs me.


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