Monday, August 25, 2008

John Riger's Gift To Me

I hope to eventually post a link (with help and permission) to the most beautiful rendition of the song "Silent Night" that I have ever heard. It was sent to me by musician John Riger [Click on the post headline to visit his MYSpace page]. It's his creation and every time that I listen to it, I picture myself in a video...walking down a road, with the pack on my back and my thumb out...heading into the evening sun.

I imagine myself sitting on a guard rail and watching as vehicle number 120 passes by me, brakes and then backs up...and I see smiles, from a mother behind the wheel and from two kids in the back seat...after I've been up all night trying to get a ride.

I see myself walking through an unfamiliar town at three o'clock in the morning...and stopping to rest my foot and drink a cup of coffee...all alone in a park...while the good citizens of the community sleep in their houses all around me...and then I hear a distant train whistle when I finally get back up, pull the pack over my shoulders and walk out of the town and into the night...without a soul knowing that I was ever there.

I contacted John after I was informed that he is "following" me via Twitter.

He sent me a sweet email back and included his recording of "Silent Night."

We are just getting to know each other now. And I guarantee that his haunting melody will follow me on my 2,500 mile journey back across the United States.

*Thank you, John.*

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