Friday, August 15, 2008

A Parting Shot

I got an email from someone that I was told wouldn't be responsible enough to send me the email. Hopefully, the snail-mail that she referred to is what I have been waiting for. Eventually, it will make its way into my happy hands.

In the meantime, I would like to write-off Alan like a bad memo.


I enjoyed my visit to this area, even though I found it difficult to get enough time to post on the Internet. And when the drunks got into a fight outside my motel room at 1:30 this morning, I wasn't too thrilled, either.

But the lady at the desk DID take $20.00 off of my I consider the motel to be a satisfactory part of my stay.

Alan, however, was not.

He helps manage a Christian website, too. Which I find interesting. I'm sure he spends time online feeling all sacred and responsible in between puffs of cigarette smoke.


One of his henchman sent me an email the other day and asked me why I posted something on their site. He told me to explain myself or he'd pull the post.

I told him about Alan and said that I would be happy to write-off that website, too.

Good Gospel Gumdrops, Yo.

I'm going to head out today...but not where ya think. Heh-heh.

And I will post an update tomorrow...if a librarian grants me the time.

I am leaving with a stronger sense of purpose. Because I have "clean feet"...and I'll never walk in Alan's shoes.

Goodbye, New England.

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