Monday, August 11, 2008

Ruthie On The Road, Update

The guy who shared his home in Geneva, New York drove me to the edge of Seneca Falls, NY and dropped me off. There I was, first thing in the morning, carrying a two liter bottle of Diet Mt. Dew and back on a country road again.

After about ten minutes, a young man stopped and picked me up. He was on his way to work at a Mickey D's in Auburn, NY.

He dropped me off in the small city and I started walking down the blocks that lead to the rural side of Highway 20.

I noticed a Catholic Charities office and decided to go in and take a break. My foot was hurting and I thought I'd make a feeble attempt to get a bus ticket.

It paid off.

The ladies there got me on a bus and sent me to an office in Syracuse (what a rat hole that city is!)where another wonderful lady got me a bus ticket to Albany, NY. When I got to Albany, I got another bus ticket all the way up to (you guessed it) White River Junction, Vermont.

It is here that I have spent the past week enjoying a well-deserved rest. I have spent the past six nights at a nice motel...watching movies, taking bubble baths and SLEEPING!!!

My friend, Alan, (remember Alan?) has helped me get all of my bank business (don't ask) taken care of and has been my good guy gopher.

Mwahz! Alan. Mwahz!

How do I get this lucky? MIB, baby. (Those of you who know what MIB is...I send you a thank you YEEHAW!)

All is well on the short-take, signature 5. But it won't stop raining.

And I don't care.


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