Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Ruthie On The Road, Update

I left White River Junction, Vt. one sunny evening recently and walked up the hill into the forest aka highway 4. A short guy with wild hair and a strange fixation for cemeteries and historical hangings, stopped and offered me a ride. He ended up driving me all the way to Rutland, Vt. Along the way, he never stopped talking about himself...unless of course, he was singing. He cut his own CD and once he had me as his captive audience, he slipped a copy of the disc into the player and started wailing.

I endured it until we got to Rutland. Then he and I drove around and tried to find me a spot at a shelter.

We found a sheriff deputy gassing up his cruiser and asked him where a homeless mission might be. He directed us to a big old brick building that only houses men.

The guy who was "working" there offered me a bed with a leer on his face. I declined.

My wild-haired driver finally dropped me off at a motel where I stayed for the night.

He wanted me to keep his CD. I didn't. I won't listen to someone who never gives ME the opportunity to sing a note.

The next day I limped out of town and got a ride to Saratoga Springs, New York. By the time I got there, my foot was really hurting. So I asked for directions to a shelter at the local police station. After explaining my situation, the tall cop declared: "You don't fit the criteria to stay at our homeless shelter."

"And what criteria would that be?" I asked.

"You have to be a resident or want to become a resident of Saratoga Springs and/or be a resident of the State of New York. We don't cater to people that are just passing through." he replied, with a smirk.

That's when I realized that this cop is the perfect personification of the word "asshole."

I walked two blocks from the police station before my left foot gave out and I collapsed with my pack on the cobblestone sidewalk.

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