Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Ruthie In The Sky, Update

A young man stopped and picked me up. But not before I was bitten (right smack in the middle of West Nile Virus country) by a flock of savage mosquitoes. Those nasty insects of intense injection attacked me with a fury. I couldn't get the DEET spray on my exposed skin fast enough!

The young man called every place he could think of in Salt Lake City and no person or shelter gave me a bed. The driver finally dropped me off by an on ramp near a Home Depot store.

And for the rest of last Saturday night, I sat on the shoulder-side of an on ramp behind a concrete wall.

The wind blew dust in my face and the rain fell as I huddled on my backpack. I spent the rest of that night listening to traffic and counting the empty liquor bottles scattered in the dirt and sage brush around my feet.

When daylight started to appear in the sky, I stood up, brushed myself off, stepped around the wall and put out my thumb.

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