Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Ruthie On The Road, Update

My pinkie finger is still a bit swollen and looks red, black and ugly. But it appears to be getting better. The doctor who stopped by the clinic at the shelter in Ogden, Utah told me that it appears to be two centipede bights. So I guess I will eventually heal up and keep my finger, after all.

Today is my birthday. I am now officially 53 years old: SO THERE!!

I left Ogden on a local transit bus that took me to Brigham City, Utah. Shortly after I arrived there, I was picked-up by a man who works at a weigh scale for the Utah DOT.

He took me to Snowflake, Utah and from there I eventually got a ride to Burley, Idaho.

I got some money from two of the drivers and so I decided to stop and get a bight to eat.

But when I left the small truck stop, I didn't realize that the strap of my purse had disconnected from my shoulder.

And when I climbed into the car with a driver who was headed for Portland, Oregon...I still didn't notice that the purse was gone.

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