Sunday, September 21, 2008

Ruthie On The Road, Update

I spent that night in a TA travel center...where I did laundry, showered, ate, drank and watched movies in the driver's lounge.

At 7am I walked out to the ramp where I was picked-up by a trucker 20 minutes later.

The driver is an older Black man who took good care of me and drove me from Denver, Colorado to Oak Grove, Missouri (just past Kansas City) in one day.

Then he fell asleep in a truck stop and I switched drivers.

The next series of rides brought me closer to highway 61 where I eventually turned north and into Illinois.

But before I got there, I was picked-up by a nice lady named Ruby. She took me over to the police station in Troy, Missouri. The cops there bought me a room for the night at the local Budget Inn.

I was elated.

Yesterday, I left the motel and got a ride from a trucker to the nasty city of Hannibal, Missouri.


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