Sunday, September 21, 2008

Ruthie On The Road, Update

After I climbed down out of the truck, I asked a lady at a gas station if Hannibal has a homeless shelter.

She directed me to something called "The Hope House."

Hope? NOT!

When I finally found the building, I discovered that it was locked-up. And it is situated in a bad section of town.

Thugs with pit bulls and police scanners roamed around and glared at me.

"Forget this" I thought and walked back toward the on-ramp to highway 61.

A woman stopped her rig and asked if I wanted a ride. She drove me to over the Mississippi River to Illinois.

Fifteen-minutes later, an Illinois State Trooper pulled up in his cruiser. He drove me to a much better shelter.

I'll go back on the road today.

New York is calling.

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