Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Ruthie On The Road, Update

The driver bragged about himself and his family and told me about all of the famous people that he'd met. He totally bored me to sleep.

We finally stopped at a small gas station/grocery store in Idaho. He told me he needed to get some gas and I told him that I wanted to get a bottle of cold water.

But when I reached around my waist to unzip my purse and pay for the drink, I finally realized that my purse was gone.

My heart hit my toes.

The guy who promised to drive me across Oregon abruptly changed his mind and left. One of the women at the counter called the local Sheriff department. Another one sat me down in a chair by some magazines. And I hung my head and closed my eyes.

Then one of the women introduced herself as Margaret and she decided, all at once, to take personal charge of the situation.

She talked to the officer when he arrived, called the store in Burley (where they confirmed that the purse and all of its contents were safe and sound, minus about $25.00 in cash)and offered to drive me back to Burley at the end of her shift.

She did.

Margaret also bought pizza and drinks after we retrieved the purse and then drove me all the way to Ontario, Oregon. We got there at around 3:00 am and she pulled into a local motel with a smile on her face. She bought me a room for the rest of that night and the night after that.

Then she hugged me, got back in her fancy white sports car with the huge taillights and dual exhaust...and disappeared.

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