Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Twice Bitten Am I

From the "UH OH!" Department:

When I laid in that field by the on ramp near Salt Lake City, Utah...I may have been bitten more than once by what may be eventually identified as a Hobo (like a Brown Recluse) spider.

I am seeing a doctor this afternoon.

Bright red, swollen somethings that itch and sting are growing on the pinkie finger of my left hand.

And that doesn't count the evolving whatever on my left thumb and the bites of various dimensions on my upper right shoulder, my right side and on my back.

In preparation for the exam this afternoon, I searched my symptoms on the Internet. I am about 75% convinced that, at the very least, the bites on my left pinkie finger are from a Hobo spider. If that becomes official...then I may be facing some real trouble in the weeks, months or even years to come.

I thought that my flu-like symptoms that kept coming and going were due to travel and exhaustion, but I am not so sure now. Just as long as I don't have malaria or lose fingers, I'll deal with it.

As soon as I am able to post an update here again...I'll let you all know what the diagnosis is.

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