Sunday, October 12, 2008

New Photos

Scroll down the right-side menu and click on the java Flickr badge. I have posted some new photos there. Due to time constraints, I am not going to be able to post the photos beyond Flickr today. But I will post them here soon.


Kris Hall said...

Hi Ruthie!! I hope your traveling is going better than what it was. This is Kris Hall the Case Manager at the Heart House Shelter in Aurora, Indiana, to my dismay you only stayed one night and was gone before I arrived the next morning. I truly enjoyed our conversation the evening before talking about your travels, and your smile is very catching, you have a beautiful smile! I am writing to apologize on behalf of Heart House and my residents actions the morning you left over the laundry issue. I soooo wanted to make you feel welcome in our home and have your experience with the folks in Indiana better than your trip thru the last state. I hope that you wont look at Heart House as a bad place to visit on your next trip thru our beautiful state, because of the residents you encountered that morning. We truly are a good place to visit and live with alot more good people than bad. I hope that you will accept my apology and visit us again soon. May god bless you and keep you safe on your journey thru life!
Kris Hall
Case Manager
Heart House Inc.
Aurora, Indiana

Ruthie In The Sky said...

Kris...Thank you for your comments. Yeah, the kids did, indeed, misbehave. But it wasn't just in regard to the laundry. They, for the most part, were snobby, sarcastic and very unhelpful.
Do those people ever encounter new people at that shelter? How long have some of those people been there? And when was the last time that those people put themselves in the place of a new person?
I doubt that I will ever return to that shelter. I have no desire to be distanced by a group of suspicious, spoiled rednecks.
I'd rather hang-out in a park all night with people who have a nice smile like mine.