Thursday, October 30, 2008

Open Letter To Susan M. Ivey

An Open Letter To Susan M. Ivey, Chairman, President And CEO of Reynolds American,Inc:

I'm writing my own letter to ask you to stop selling your cigarettes in candy flavors.

Vanilla, berry, cocoa...what are you people thinking???

That YOU, the big arm of the United States tobacco industry, can alter and disguise the flavor of death?

I smoked cigarettes for sixteen-years and I quit almost three-years ago and have been smoke-free ever since.

I breathe better, I don't cough, I can smell my food again and I don't stink like a cigarette, anymore.

Yeah, I don't smell like I'm killing myself.

The flavor of your cigarettes, regardless of type, goes right up in smoke when a person lights up.

When the flame hits the cigarette, the TRUTH is revealed.

And you can't mask THAT, can you?

So stop trying to fool young people into becoming addicted to your deadly product. Stop selling candy-flavored cigarettes.

And while you're at it, ask yourself:

Just exactly what flavor is your conscience today?

Fax: Sent to 336-741-0881

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