Monday, November 10, 2008

Ruthie On The Road, Update

I leaned on my cane and checked-out the expression on the cop's face as he pulled the cruiser in front of me.

He was smiling.

I thought, "Oh, so you think this is funny."

He did.

But he was also impressed with my overall tenacity.

"'s still fifty-miles or more to the Junction, ya know" he pointed out.

I gave him a tired grin and said, "Cops are always so well-informed."

"Speaking of an ID on ya?" the cop asked me.

I handed him my plastic Ruthie-Show-And-Tell card.

After he ran me and decided that I wasn't a hitchhiker hunting for heads, he picked up my backpack.

"Let's get ya back into town and see what can be done to help ya" he said.

"You mean that I have to go that town where I was 24-hours ago?" I asked.

"Sure" the cop answered, opening up the back door of the cruiser, "You've had enough exercise. Around here, ya gotta prove yer worth the effort."

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