Friday, November 21, 2008

Ruthie On The Road, Update

Yes, I left that small town and hitchhiked until I was picked up by a Hispanic kid who was driving a panel truck from Salt Lake City.

We ran a short way down the road and were stopped by an Idaho State trooper, sixteen-miles outside of Boise.

It was an officer that I know. And after scaring the wits out of the driver, he drove me to shelter in Boise, where I spent the night.

The next morning, I took the bus pass that the shelter staff kindly gave to me and took a bus close to the Oregon border.

That was where I met Jessica. And depending on how things go, I just might meet her again.

I then got a ride to a truck stop outside of Pendleton, Oregon. I stood there for hours, until late into the night, trying to get a ride. I never got one.

Then an off-duty tribal cop came by, contacted my friend at the City and drove me over to a motel.

I left there the next morning and, once again, got only a short way after trying all day to hitch a ride.

That night, I sat in the handicap stall at a rest area all night and played games on my cell phone.

Yesterday, I walked back out onto the interstate at 7am.

I struggled through the cold and pouring rain to get a ride. But the only ones who stopped to pick me up were weirdos. And I declined the offers.

Finally, a young man in a U.S. Mail truck stopped and rescued me. Shhhh.

He brought me to an old buddy who put me up in a motel last night.

And in a little while, I will be back on the shoulder of the interstate again.

Please pick me up.


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