Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Ruthie In Portland, Oregon Update

The City has opened up what are commonly referred to as "warming centers." Currently, they are being operated by volunteers from the local chapter of the Red Cross.

The first center that I stayed at resulted in the theft of my nice, warm Cabela Thinsulate gloves that I got as a gift in Boise, Idaho. I'm still very hurt about that. And the gloves that I have now are men's too sizes too large. And they are nowhere near the warm blessings that my other gloves were.

The second center that I stayed at (last night) was set-up in a church building. But the church packed us all into an auditorium. Suddenly I was looking at over 150 people, pressed tightly together, in a space that wasn't meant for that type of accommodation.

The homies were tired, hungry, snarly and frustrated. After awhile, several fights broke out.

It was obviously understaffed and provided no police presence at all.

I am aware that nobody is checking bags. I am worried about what might happen at that church without further intervention.

If someone, with a serious issue, brings in a weapon...many people in that room won't have a fast way to escape.

If a fire starts...ditto.

Things are getting uglier in the homeless section of Portland, Oregon.

That's why my gloves are now gone.

And even I, sitting on that thin, red excuse of a mat could see the problem last night.

Christmas has turned into the Holiday from Hell.

Don't say that I never warned anyone.

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