Friday, December 26, 2008

Ruthie In Portland, Oregon Update

We have rules at the new warming center. And I am grateful for them all.

After the horrible chaos at the "Foursquare" center...I am enjoying this new experience.

When the storm hit, it eventually blanketed Portland with almost two feet of snow.

The temperature dropped into the teens and the homeless population crammed into every warm place available.

Eventually, the City ground to a halt and interstates were closed.

But I made a very smart choice, and settled into that new warming center downtown.

I would like to THANK, THANK, THANK the Portland Fire Department for their assistance to me and many of my compadres during the weather emergency.

They were ACES!!!

They not only provided transportation but also kept us warm and safe. It is my opinion that the Portland Fire Department is the hero in this City.

I would also like to thank Burger King for donating burgers to us. And to all of the angels in the building who provided us with much-needed food and supplies...and our Christmas tree...Thank YOU!!!

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