Friday, December 12, 2008

Christmas Bum

A blanket laying where the pavement isn't dry
A figure huddled on the dirty street
And all of the people walking by
Aren't dropping dollars at my feet...

This isn't the path to miracles, homies
There are very few true blessings here
This isn't a sidewalk of smiles, buddies
But it's very, very easy to shed a tear...

Pockets are as empty as jaded hearts
In this Land of Junk and stolen shopping carts
No, this isn't the home of Get It Together
It's where we all fall apart in bad weather...

...A place for fools who have nowhere to hide
Where the American Dream will always be denied...

Yeah, give me a hand, Uncle Sam
I will appreciate your applause
While I sit between the dissed and the damned
And wait for Santa Claus...

I'm almost too tired to make another try
And you know better than to ask me why
Yeah, I'm just another ribbon in a flag with no pride
Just another Christmas bum on Burnside.

"Christmas Bum" written by Ruth Rader.
All Rights Reserved.

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