Friday, December 05, 2008

Ruthie On The Road, Update

I hitchhiked to Hood River, Oregon.

The woman who dropped me off on the City Center ramp was sure that I'd get a ride out.

I didn't.

Not that night, anyway.

No, I tried and tried and just got colder and colder.

Finally a cop stopped and threw me a blanket.

I wrapped up in it and tried and maintain my post. Finally, I decided that I was too chilled and gave up.

At exactly midnight, I walked up to a nearby pizza place and asked to use the restroom.

I explained to the girl there that I tried to hitchhike out, was obviously unsuccessful and was now freaking freezing.

She waited while I warmed up in the ladies room and then she and her boyfriend drove me up the hill to the hospital.

When I got there, the lady in the ER pointed to the urn of hot coffee and then made a phone call. Twenty-minutes later, I was taken by taxi down to a local motel.

The next morning, I walked way out on I-84 and tried again.

This time it started to rain...then shower...then pour. And every big truck that blew by me sent a curtain of icy water over me.

I couldn't get a ride and I became colder than I had been the night before.

I finally decided to retreat and began the long, cold and soggy walk back to town.

When I reached the hill to the hospital, the woman who had dropped me off on the ramp the night before, turned the corner and saw me.

She took one look at my red face and hands and told me to get in her car.

Then she drove me back up the hill to the hospital and didn't leave until I was once again assigned a motel room for the night.

THE NEXT DAY, I walked back out onto the interstate and was picked up right away by a lady who was headed for Thanksgiving dinner with her son.

"Is it easy to get rides these days?" she asked me.

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