Sunday, January 25, 2009

Portland In Pathetic Pieces

First, I would like to share with you a copy of an email that I just sent to a friend of mine:

I went to the library here in Portland today (Sunday) and tried to
log-in to your blog and the computer that I was on locked-up.

The lady librarian was hateful to me. I asked her for help and she
related to me like I was a piece of dirt.

Yesterday, one of the guards here (a total asshole, from my
perspective) saw me talking to some of the neighborhood homeless
drunks in the library. Granted, they get rowdy and cause trouble but I
still talk to them off and on and I believe that I have the God-given
right to talk to whomever I please, wherever I please, whenever I damn
well want to.

Well, after I talked to the guys I went upstairs to a quiet place in
the back that I had never found before. There was a guy sitting in a
chair on one side and another guy sitting in a chair on the other side
and an empty chair in the middle.

I sat down in the empty chair and listened to my Walkman giving the
reports about Sam Adams coming back from City Hall. I was also
suffering from a bad hangnail (which I am still battling with) that
had caused my finger to get real red, puffy and sore.

So, I was trying to use my left hand to hold onto my notepad and write
with my pen. But I kept dropping the notebook, obviously.

Anyway, finally, this dickhead of a guard comes up and tells me that I
have to move. I ask him why. He said because the chair that I was
sitting in was situated in front of this freight elevator and that the
chair was blocking it and something about ADA-compliance and bladidy

I said, "Okay, I will just move the chair over."

Nope, that wasn't good enough for him. He wanted me to get out of
there completely. And it was obvious from his demeanor that he didn't
like me anymore because of my "associations" with the riff-raff. In
other words, it was and is a disgraceful example of close-minded,
stereotypical discrimination of the worst kind.

Today, I went up and tried to open your blog and the computer froze.
It has done that once before. Hell, I have no idea why it's doing

But that guard had come by me and then gone back and said something to
the librarian, who when the site froze the computer, was extremely
hateful and never did a thing whatsoever to help me.

I ended up getting a young man who works for the library to help me
get on another computer where I showed him what I did. And again, the
computer locked-up. But he was able to see that I did nothing out of
the ordinary and that the problem lies between Blogger and this
library's sucky network.

Thanks to him, I was able to get on yet another computer, this one,
and send this on to you.

Now, you have an excellent blog and I had no trouble
whatsoever in accessing it and everything else that I normally do when
I used the computers at Pacific U. in Forest Grove. And those
librarians were very nice to me.

But just imagine someone ripping into you in front of everybody. I did
nothing wrong. But she and that guard have decided otherwise and that
is pissing me off. I almost fell to tears in there but I am too tough
to cry.

Since you work for Multnomah County, if you know anybody who works
within the library system here, could you please ask them to pass the
word along and get the hell off of my back?

Picture me...a fifty-three year old woman with a cane! I come, use the computer, maybe look up some information in a book, peruse novels, draw comics, get sleepy and nod off(but who in my position wouldn't?)am respectful, clean and considerate.

And I was treated like that.

The thing is, I know darn well that if my friend (the one that works for the County and is an acquaintance of mine) was sitting with me at that original computer, (and neither one knew who my friend is) the guard and that harpy librarian probably would've terrible to both of us!

And yet, please click on the post headline above and read what THE FREAKING MAYOR IS DOING IN THIS CITY RIGHT NOW!!!

But oh, he's all dressed-up and connected so hey, nobody's gonna jump on his ass (except for another guy) in the library.

But I'm poor and homeless so's open fucking season!

(Did I mention that I was pissed-off about this?)

And to top it all off, while the library is picking on homeless women and the Mayor is playing private pervert with his constituents,
THIS happened here in Portland last night.

And it happened only blocks from where I sleep at night.

People here have more to be concerned about than street people and the stupid Mayor!

And I, for one, am sure that my friend is going to react strongly when she receives my email.

These three examples are proof that this City is coming apart.

I guarantee, no matter what, I won't go down with it.

Bet on that!

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