Monday, January 12, 2009

Ruthie In Portland, Oregon Update

And the thunder rolled...

The mellow day ended on a bad note.

I knew as soon as I walked to the meeting place that the mood of the crowd last Saturday night was turning bad.

Homies stood on the corner and passed big, flat bottles of liquor around. Grumbling and laughing too loud.

A particularly nefarious pack glared at me and I overheard one of them say, "Let's put a knife under her ribs."

I put my hand in my pocket, leaned on my cane and looked right back at them.

By the time that we all made it to the warming center, a number of the homies were totally drunk.

I assumed that they wouldn't get in. But they did.

And I honestly believe that if I hadn't made the decision to leave that place I would have been in a dangerous, physical altercation that night.

I ended up at a mission where a street friend (who works there) helped me out.

Yesterday, I took the train to a church in a suburb of Portland. The people there greeted me with open arms, literally and otherwise.

I stayed in their building that night and will do so for the time being. They feed well and have a very nice shower.

The building itself is one of those "Crystal Cathedral" types that's as big as a Wal-Mart store.

My connections with the County are aware of the situation and will deal with it. I have great faith in them.

Yes, I want to see life get better for those who really want it. But I also think that it's time to put the hammer down hard on those who will try everything that they can to prevent that from happening.

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