Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Ruthie Returns To Nyssa, Update

I walked into the ramshackle old row house apartment and laughed.

The place has been used and abused but it's warm and dry at night. It needs repairs and I have already dropped off a honey-do list at my landlord's house.

Interestingly enough, every time I walk outside and turn to my right, I can see my landlord's front door.

Talk about handy.

My place is located across the street from the grocery story, the post office, the health department and the laundromat.

Now really, I just can't do better than that.

The public library is two blocks away.

It has been nice to sit on the floor, eat cereal and read a paperback novel.

And I am still getting used to taking a shower without someone behind me in line banging on the bathroom door.

I go to sleep and wake up alone.

I walk around the old hacienda and say, "This is mine."

And sitting on the sidewalk at three in the morning, shivering under a damp blanket, seems like a dream to me now.

I changed my address at the post office yesterday. That felt good.

There are numerous things that will have to be fixed and added to my new home to make it what it should be. And I will also HAVE to give it a darn good cleaning!

My landlords, who rent out half the town, are Mormons.

I find it all very amusing.

And true to form, the locals still drive slowly by me in their pickup trucks and pretend not to stare.

I get a kick out of it.

Stephen King...eat your heart out!

You too, Jack.

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