Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Ruthie Returns To Nyssa, Update

I finally have access to TV and have been enjoying CNN, Lifetime and the Weather Channel to my hearts content.


The country music awards were on Sunday night and I liked watching that.

But fifteen-minutes after my service was connected, CNN broadcast the first report about the mass shooting in Binghamton, NY. And all I could think about is the fact that I spent six peaceful weeks in that city in the Fall of 2007.

The shooter was afraid to stay alive and fix the problems in his life and he was afraid to end his mortal existence alone. He was a gutless coward and nobody owed him anything...least of all 13 other people's lives.

I would like to ask why one of the presenters at the country music awards declared that "things are changing" when referring to singer Darius Rucker. He said that Rucker is changing country music because he is Black.

"Who would have thought that a Black man would be singing country music?" he asked the audience.

Obviously he has never heard of Charlie Pride.

And Nyssa has never heard of a decent laundromat!

(Next month I will be posting quite a few photos...including some of the infamous laundromat.)

I have never seen a shabbier, more pathetic excuse for a washeteria anywhere else in the Country. Seriously.

Some of the washing machines hold a couple gallons of a murky, smelly substance. One of the front loaders is smashed and the contains two crushed beer cans among jagged shards of glass.

The benches are filthy and the bathroom is a place that I will never enter. Yeah.

And you're reading the words of a lady who's used road construction porta-pottys along interstates!

There are gang-tags on the walls and only a few of the dryers actually work. The City of Nyssa should be ashamed of that place.

But I did meet a very nice lady the last time that I washed my clothes there. She has a farm outside of Nyssa and has lived in the area for ten years.

When we met, we talked about Nyssa's somewhat dubious idiosyncrasies, then shook our heads and laughed.

Before she left, she smiled at me and said, "I'm glad I met you. You're a real breath of fresh air."

So is she.

As many of you already know, I subscribe to the USGS email earthquake warning service. And the recent destructive quake in Italy reminded me of how fortunate I am.

I live in a building that is still standing. The sun is shining through the window and my ceiling fan is circulating fresh Spring air through the rooms.

And even though I am still in dire need of furniture in here...it's a great day to be alive.

I will cherish my blessings today.

After all, Oregon is situated above some very large fault lines.

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