Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Ruthie On The Road, Update

NOW, I don't often run into psycho police, but over the years, there have been a few exceptions:

1.] Cops in New Jersey (one in particular who was later put in prison along with his buddies after a corruption investigation)bought some very bad karma when they hassled me.

When I heard about the corruption investigation and subsequent prison sentences on an ABC Radio report, I smiled for the rest of that day.

2.] A cop in Cheyenne, Wyoming who chose to stop me from hitchhiking on an on ramp near a cluster of truck stops outside of the City. When he tried to force me to walk against the traffic on the edge of the interstate in 98 degree heat...and didn't care if I got a cold bottle of water, two things happened:

A.) I called his dispatcher on my cell phone and raised hell. The dispatcher, a very nice lady, sided with me. She arranged for me to get out of Cheyenne on an air-conditioned bus.
B.) Several big truckers, with menacing eyes, stepped up, interrupted the cop's tirade and brought me inside a cafe and out of the heat. They bought me a cold glass of ice tea and helped me get to the bus station.

3.) A deputy sheriff in rural Virginia yelled at me for hitchhiking on a two-lane country road. I had been up all night and I was bone dead tired. So I did what I rarely do, I told the cop off.

I was in no mood for his crap and told him so.

At one point, both the cop and I became quite a sight to the locals driving to work...exchanging "pleasantries" in the misty light of dawn.

When the cop finally drove away, a carpet layer and his son drove over and said that they'd witnessed the entire conversation.

Before they went to work that day, they bought me breakfast, gave me money for laundry plus extra groceries and bought me a motel room for several days in a nearby town. And for some mysterious reason, no one prevented me from hitchhiking in that State again.

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