Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Ruthie On The Road, Update

The vast majority of cops that I've met on the road have been wonderful. And that includes another Idaho State cop who not only gave me a courtesy ride in his cruiser one night (sans handcuffs) but also allowed me to hitchhike on an on ramp. He even gave me his business card.

Yes, that's a true story.

So I know what the back of an Idaho State cop cruiser looks like. I'm familiar with how it's constructed. Once you're in it, you're stuck until the cop lets you back out.

It has a "cage" and a cover with no openings anywhere.

Without a weapon, it would be impossible for a person to be any threat to an officer.

Before I would have sat in the cruiser, the cop would have patted me down and determined that I had no weapon. And my pack would have been searched after I was in the car. In other words, I would have been put me in a position where I wouldn't have been any threat to that officer. At all.

So why did that cop want to put me in handcuffs?

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