Friday, June 05, 2009

Ruthie On The Road, Update

Unfortunately, my old cell phone has a range problem where I am now. So I'll have to post the rest of the gallery photos sometime next week.

The man called a friend of his and the guy picked me up later that night.

He drove me down to a truck stop near Butte, Montana. And I only had to sit on the guardrail by the on ramp for a short time before another guy picked me up again.

He was a talker, scared of what his medical tests were going to reveal and wanted somebody to discuss it with. I did...all the way to the interstate split outside of Billings, Montana.

I walked over and sat back down on another guardrail until the sun came up.

Then a big trucker pulled his rig over and stopped.

I opened the door and he greeted me with a genuine smile. As soon as I looked at him and listened to him talk, I decided that he was the human version of Hank Hill ("King of the Hill").

We made Yankee jokes all the way to Miles City, Montana. Then he went in the store and helped me get a hot shower lined up.

After my shower, I bought some groceries and then headed back up the ramp to the interstate.

I was chewing on a cheese stick when a big, red semi with a long trailer pulled up right beside me.

The driver, bald and covered with multi-colored tattoos, offered me a ride. Then his wife...cute, thin and curly...poked her head out the door and smiled. Next a little girl, about four, with mom's curls, put her face by mom's leg and waved "hi."

I asked, "Is there anybody else stuffed in there?"

"Yeah" said the driver, "YOU!"

I accompanied the crew to Bismarck, North Dakota. And the driver didn't stop until he got me to a shelter where I stayed for the night.

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