Thursday, July 30, 2009

Ruthie On The Road, Update

And eventually, after driving many miles, the guy works everything out and heads for a casino. He parks the rig, all by its lonesome, in an otherwise empty and dimly lit lot.

Whether the trailer is full or empty doesn't matter to him. Oh no, he just doesn't want anyone to get inside the tractor. Including, oddly enough, me.

Nope. He doesn't allow me to sit in that truck for five minutes without him in it. Not at that point, anyway.

Yeah, he leaves the whole shebang in that parking lot that isn't designated in any way, shape or form for a semi. In fact, it appears that the lot is owned by a taxi company.

But he doesn't worry about that. His only concern is how far he's going to have to walk from where he left what should be his major responsibility to the casino.

(post to be continued)

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