Thursday, July 30, 2009

Ruthie On The Road, Update

And "high-tail it" I did!

I took a city bus to Troutdale outside Portland, Oregon last Thursday night.

I walked over to my usual starting point: The on-ramp to Interstate 84 east across from the Flying J truck stop.

It only took twenty-minutes to get my first ride. And that was with a guy named Ron who leases a big rig from CR England.

The fact is notable because drivers afiliated with CR England do NOT pick up hitchhikers. But when I put out my thumb, Ron stopped the truck.

I watched him closely and listened to what he said as we began our journey.

Eventually he let me take some photos of him with my cell phone. He gave me permission to share his photo on my blog. But I went one better.

I shared it with someone else.

After all, every picture tells a story. Doesn't it?

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