Thursday, July 30, 2009

Ruthie On The Road, Update

He walks into the casino and suddenly he isn't connected to that truck or its contents or his job or the re-spons-ibility for them, anymore.

Nah. He's now chips, chances and strategy. He wanders from table to table and goes for all the gambling gusto that he can get.

Time passes. And he wins. loses. wins.

What time he has to be to a destination to deliver a load or receive one doesn't enter his mind.

He's on a roll.

Meanwhile, I get bored and I leave when his pile of chips is dwindling.

And I walk all the way back to the tractor-trailer rig that he left all by its lonesome in that parking lot.

Of course the truck is locked so I sit down on the porch of a building across the lot. And I look at the rig.

And I think it's funny that CR England pays the driver to leave that truck and trailer (but was it loaded? Hmmm...) where only I am watching it.

Later and later into the night.

(post to be continued)

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