Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Ruthie On The Road, Update

I am in Sioux Falls, South Dakota tonight. And I am using a computer in a lobby that is unique because it features a wall of windows from floor almost to the ceiling on two sides.

It is a nice, homey place right by the interstate. And it is providing me with a good respite and an early jump-off point for getting back on the road tomorrow.

I am hitchhiking to Tennessee. It's summertime and that's what I do every summer: roam.

However, this year I am also heading east because everything on the West Coast is so messed-up. California is experiencing a financial crisis and Oregon is right on its heels.

I don't know what will happen to Oregon. It's number two behind Michigan in unemployment and has the highest homeless population in the Nation now.

So meetings like this one are being arranged:

All photos by Ruth Rader

The Written Agenda

Portland Meeting People

Portland Meeting

Papers, Pens and Platitudes

Not that the meetings will ever really change anything in Portland, much less in the State of Oregon.

No...I figure that Multnomah County's metamorphosis will develop like a slow ooze from a major infection...

Portland Bum Bench

The Women's Shelter Portland, Oregon

My Bed On West Burnside

...until the whole thing either gets saved by Divine Intervention or dies of the dreaded DumAss disease.

Juggle Girls

It's a make or break proposition. One that I want no damn part of.

Montana Storm

I just don't want to even try to ride that storm out. Not anymore.

Sleeping Tight In Portland

Goodbye, Oregon.

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