Friday, August 07, 2009

Ruthie On The Road, Update

Oh boy! I left Sioux Falls, South Dakota after almost getting run over by the interstate lawn mower crew in their Big Green Tractors!

I got a ride down to a guy's auto-body shop where I used the restroom (hey, sometimes that's a major need!) and got a couple cans of cold soda.

Then I got a ride out to a ramp which led to MILES of road construction.


FINALLY, after about four hours, I got up and started walking. The sun was setting and I was heading out into desolate territory.

Suddenly, a young woman pulled her little car to a stop and picked me up. She brought me to a place with a truck stop on one side of the overpass and a rest area on the other.

I took a shower, washed my clothes, ate and then wandered over to the rest area. When I got there, I found a nice little table with an overhang above it. So I sat down, put my head on my pack and fell asleep.

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