Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Take Me Home Country Roads

I am in Columbia, Missouri now. And I can't wait to leave it. Soon I will pack up my stuff in that high-dollar room (anything over forty-five bucks a night fits in that category) and head back onto the waiting on ramp.

But it won't be the same as yesterday. It never will be.

Yesterday, I woke up in a cozy little room with a soft, sealskin blanket over me. The window was covered by mini-blinds and a set of lace curtains.

The stand-up shower was covered with pink porcelain tile...just like the old days.

It was country at its best. And it probably always will be.

The owner had a pot of fresh-ground coffee ready with a dash of cappuccino.

He smiled and it felt so homey.

The housekeeper washed my clothes and brought them back, neatly folded and smelling sweet.

I felt like I was visiting friends.

When I went to leave, the owner shook my hand. And when I was halfway down the road, the housekeeper pulled up and offered me a ride to the on ramp.

She stopped at Wal-Mart first. I gave her a few bucks that she took in to buy me some Diet Dew for the road.

Brookfield, Missouri...a beautiful place off of Highway 36 in northern Missouri.

If you want to go where the wildflowers dance in the wind and folks treat you like good kin...visit that town. And stay at that motel.

Just look around...you'll find it.

The only motel that I've seen in the whole Country where smoking and non-smoking rooms are in two totally separate wings. With fire doors in between.

If you're looking for a tobacco-free environment for a cheap price, stay at that motel.

I guarantee that you will enjoy it much more I didn't enjoy this swanky one.

Granted, you get a substantial breakfast here which you can eat while watching a big screen TV. And you get a tub, coffee set-up and a hair-dryer in your room. And yeah, there's a pool and this computer available for guests to use.

But the people here are condescending and cool to the sociable touch. And even though I was given what was labeled a "non-smoking" room...the occupant in the room next door smoked so much that it drifted into my room. All night long.

I hated that.

I could read the latest issue of People magazine at the country motel. But I didn't even get a complimentary copy of USA Today here.

And the man at the motel put me in a room near the desk. The people in this hotel put me in a room three-long hallways away from the front desk. And even though I walked in with a cane and an obvious limp, the check-in lady never offered me a handicap room. Nope.

So I see where the real value exists...not on an overpriced red carpet...but in a sincerely caring heart.

The man in the little motel in Brookfield, Missouri sure could teach the staff at the Best Western Inn in Columbia, Missouri a thing or two. Or three.

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