Sunday, October 04, 2009

Ruthie On The Road, Update

Three hours after I posted the last entry in this blog, I felt a big, black blanket cover me.

And I got sick.

Swine Flu is rampant in Oklahoma right now and I just happen to have the dubious fortune to be in Enid.

I figure that I have IT or some facsimile, thereof.

And my cell phone is in roaming mode all over this I can't send my photos to Flickr or here, either.

Some things are just going to have to wait.

Thinking about anything for the first few days of the illness was nearly impossible.

I went from a cot at the Salvation Army to a bed at Habib's Crappy Rooms and Curried Chicken. Two days later I bailed and came over here.


How do I describe the euphoria of climbing to the top of that long, high hill in Washington State?

How do I tell you about the beauty of that scarlet-gold sunset reflecting in my hair as I twirled around on the edge of that road?


Oh, the suffocating heat and humidity on that stretch of interstate between Missouri and Tennessee!

But you never heard me say to the Lord, over and over:" Just one more me take one more step."

And in the end, the only person who stopped was a guy in a garbage truck. God bless him!

It's hard to understand the mind-set of the cops in Colorado Springs who set me loose (no, I wasn't arrested but they gave me a ride out of that City) into a cold, rainy night near Fountain.

It is unfortunate that I can't post the photos yet but I will write-out the basics of the stories and then I'll post them here.

In light of this wretched flu, thank you for your patience.

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