Saturday, January 23, 2010

All Voices

We were discussing how Christians relate to homeless people yesterday at the local Methodist church. These are the same people who are going to equip me with a laptop computer when I head for my new home in Altoona, Pennsylvania.

One of the women said, "God needs to hear all voices."

She's right and I firmly believe that He does.

This morning, a man dropped by the warming shelter and held a "Bible study."

The man is a bigot and a religious zealot.

And the only voice that HE really wants to hear is his own.

He referred to a couple of Afro-Americans that he served with in the Navy as "boys."
Then he suddenly noticed one of the homies sitting in front of him and corrected himself.

He told us that we should read the words of Bill O'Reilly. (Never mind the
Bill O'Reilly/Andrea Mackris Sex Scandal).

And managed throughout the two-hour period that we spent with him to put down Catholics, Jews and Native Americans.

In the end we realized that he isn't really all that Biblical. He's just a buffoon.

I believe that it is time for all Americans to get past that ignorant and discriminating hypocrisy.

Live and let live and leave the rest to God.

He'll sort it out.

God bless you Methodists, and Jews, and Lutherans, and Hindus, and...

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