Saturday, January 16, 2010

Haiti: Something More To Think About

In the midst of all of the revelations about the devastation in Haiti, I got an email response from a woman who was featured last night on CNN.

She wants to move herself and her children to the United States. I hope that she gets here.

But I wonder just how she will be treated once she gets settled in this Country.

The United States are not perfect, you know. We have plenty of problems of our own.

But if that lady and her children find a decent home in a loving community in the U.S. then I will once again believe in the power of Uncle Sam. I will trust in the words of our leaders who promise to do their best to bring peace to all Nations.

In this land of prosperity and plenty (in comparison to the quality of life in Haiti) what is more important...late night talk show ratings or a home for every person that needs one?

The woman told me "thankyou they (her children) alive thats all matter."

She is displaying great courage. May God bless her and her family in the future.

And when the folks move in to this Country, I have only one request: Please leave your voodoo and bad ju-ju behind.

Because in these United States of America, we really don't need that evil, either.

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