Thursday, January 07, 2010

The Marilyn Room

Marilyn Window Detail

ALL of the following photos
by Ruth Rader

On a lighter note, I had a wonderful experience when I checked into a little motel in the small town of Afton, Oklahoma.

I stopped there one hot afternoon last August. A storm was coming and the motel was affordable, so I spent the night there.

The motel itself is really nothing to look at from the road. It just looks like 100's of other mom-and-pop places that still exist across America.

But when the lady handed me the key, she had a little smile on her face...

"Go see the room" she said.

And so I did.

It turns out that for $43.50 per night, a person can stay in a number of theme rooms. From the John Wayne to the James Dean to the Marilyn room.

Here are my cell phone pics of that sweet, wonderful surprise:

The Marilyn Room

[This is a shot of the bed area and the wet bar, micro and fridge plus pics of the divine Ms. M in the "Marilyn" motel room.]

Marilyn Smile Closeup

[Marilyn Monroe smiles wistfully through reflections in this shot from the "Marilyn" theme room at the motel.]

Marilyn Cut-out Two

[This is a close-up shot of a full-sized cut-out of Marilyn Monroe that leans against a door in the "Marilyn" theme room at the motel.]

Marilyn Cuddle

[This pic depicts the true essence of Marilyn Monroe and hangs on a wall in the "Marilyn" room at the motel in Afton, Oklahoma.]

Marilyn Smile Detail

[This is a close-up shot of Marilyn Monroe, as it appears in a strip of shots hanging in the "Marilyn" theme room at the motel in Afton, Oklahoma.]

Marilyn Room Window

[This is the front window of the "Marilyn" theme room]

There she goes again!

[Another shot of the famous print on the wall.]

Crystal paths

[This is a close-up detail from a lamp in the "Marilyn" theme room at a motel in Afton, Oklahoma.]

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