Saturday, January 16, 2010

Once Written/Twice Spyed

Tonight, I am looking through my Gmail. I started my account with Google's web-based email service in April 2004. It has been a joy to use ever since.

This is a poem that I wrote and saved in my Gmail account in May 2004. I forwarded it to my Gmail from an old HotMail account. I posted it to the HotMail account in March 2000:

Dan is out walking on the grass
His mind is sending off a forward pass
in a bottle made of glass
around the world and then gone
And he says to himself: "What's done is done"
And the echo keeps calling him on and on...
Dan has his foot on the brake
His memory does a double-take
His desire is a bold, hot vibration
And while the present moment goes on vacation
He remembers a crowded summer evening
And his senses spin with such a peculiar feeling
while fate's hand is dealing...
I see you, Dan
My eyes are open wide
My hand is reaching to what you have inside
You don't have to hide your secret side
inside your abrasive pride...
I've come into your life, Dan
to add another lucky point to your score
with pictures in print like flame from flint
in a paper outside your door.
---Poem By Ruth Rader. All Rights Reserved.

Sounds like a terrorist plot, doesn't it?

Smirk. was just a psychic invasion.

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