Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Ruthie On The Road, Update

A woman smiled at me through the windshield as I slowly rose to my feet.

She was my angel last night.

That lady told me that anyone who doesn't have local roots at least two-hundred-years-old should EVER hitchhike through Fulton County!

We went to Waynesboro and found a homeless shelter there. When the so-called "pastor" walked in, we explained my situation.

He responded by saying, "It sounds to me like you want to use MY shelter for a hotel."

We walked out.

Then we drove to her hometown and I am here now. Safe and sound. Cared for. And very tired.

But I have a place to stay at night until Feb. 1 when some nice folks here are putting me on a bus HOME. HOME!!!

Cable TV, my own bed, private bath, microwave, fridge...

...soon, Campers, soon.

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