Thursday, February 04, 2010

An Explanation Of Dan And Reincarnations

"WHAT WAS THAT!!?" You might have wondered when you read my recent poem written in December 1999. "You didn't describe what I THINK YOU DID!!?" Oh, yes I did.

It's called creative writing and I do it pretty well.

You will be reading more of it here as I produce it.

I posted that poem (which is based on an actual experience between two guys that don't know that I know) on my blog yesterday and laughed.

I suppose Stephen King got under some people's skin when "Carrie" was first published.

I imagine that he was labeled as "creepy" by some acquaintances who decided that he'd finally gone around the bend.

Actually I find King to be a good-hearted and thoughtful man who really loves his wife.

He writes about monsters...I don't believe he really IS one.

Many boogie men never write at all.

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