Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Ruthie In SnowSylvania

An employee, with a specially-designed face mask, poses with his shovel at the motel

I remain sequestered, for the second time in a week, in a motel room in a small-town city in Pennsylvania.

But this time I went for a walk...just after the storm blew in.

And I was easy to see in my black clothing. Yeah, I looked like a penguin's worst nightmare as I trudged through the frozen white around me.

There were no sidewalks, no curbs and only deep ruts in the middle of the road. But I needed to eat. So I covered up like South Park's Kenny and stomped down the snow pack to the store.

"Ridin' the storm out...waitin' for the thaw-out"

A staffer shot two people at an elementary school in Knoxville, Tennessee
today. An arsonist torched another church in Texas.

We in Pennsylvania put on our survival gear and did our best to hunt and gather without freezing to death.

The wind chill in this town remained in minus-mode all day.

Somewhere beneath all that snow is the motel parking lot.

The snow must go away...

Oh, Dear God, PLEASE!!!

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