Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Ruthie On The Road, Update

I am now back in Portland, Oregon today. Yes, I spent three grueling days on a Greyhound bus and pretty much hated every minute of that experience.

Every convicted murderer, rapist, pedophile and otherwise nefarious problem-person should be forced to endure what I just did.

Greyhound, Inc. should bring in a new breed and put the old dog to sleep.

I, myself, will sing a song of joy when shots are fired. For truly...the current long-distance running dog must die!

In fact, I think that I should start a grass-roots movement that results in the best shot legally (via a solid investigation by the Feds and a lawsuit or two) banging the present Greyhound company to oblivion.

People pay good money to be tortured by that outfit. And First Group (the parent holder of Greyhound, Inc.) just sits back on its negligent laurels and laughs.

"What FOOLS those passengers be!"

From the filthy restrooms to the dirty, cramped, aging buses (that also describes most of the drivers) Greyhound is the biggest transportation insult in North America today.

And you DIDN'T hear it first here, Campers!

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