Friday, February 05, 2010



The Storm Begins


A BIG, HUGE, ENORMOUS SNOWSTORM has blown into Pennsylvania!!

And it's whirling around like something out of "The Shining" outside the window of this motel in State College.

Warnings are blaring all over the Weather Channel and the local TV stations right now.

Remember "The Perfect Storm"?

Well, that's about what we've got piling up across the State tonight.

It's spreading into Maryland and making a mess in Washington DC.

The meteorologists are calling this storm "The Powerhouse."

Welcome back to WINTER, Keystone State!

Snowy Cars

The Snow Is Piling Up

11:25pm ET--Heavy snow is falling right now but the sirens have stopped screaming down the street. I can still hear the rumble of the snowplows that are struggling to keep the parking lots and roads open.

The wind has picked up and I am hoping that we don't lose power here. What a problem THAT would be!

2:22am ET--The snow is falling harder than ever now! And the wind is whipping closer to blizzard status.


The snow is busy now...burying everything!


The motel people keep plowing while the snow twirls around and then fills the lot right back up again.


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