Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Will A Recall Fix It All?

All Photos By Ruth Rader

A woman answers yet another phone call at the "Recall Mayor Sam Adams" office in downtown Portland, Oregon.

Strange things happen in Portland, Oregon...all the time.

Mysterious elves, this left-side of a random resolution...make what is wrong...go away.

I posted words and photographs related to a bench in front of the Salvation Army women's shelter. Then I left the City.

When I returned, that bench was removed.

A week before I left Portland for Pennsylvania, I posted a series of photos again. Those images and the corresponding post depicted the garbage and bedding left behind by homeless people in downtown Portland.

This morning, I walked back down West Burnside Street to that exact location. And the entire mess is now gone.

Hey, I'm just sayin', Campers.

Now, a team of people are working hard to make the Mayor, Sam Adams, vanish,

A couple sign a petition to kick Sam Adams out of his current mayor's seat.

And the group of citizens, who are rapidly gaining a larger membership, believe that they will do it.

The question now is: Will ousting Sam Adams make anything better in the City of Portland, Oregon?

Or, for that matter, if Sam Adams remains in his present position as mayor...will he damage the quality of life in this City?

Who's right here...and who is wrong?

I stepped off the light-rail MAX train today and looked directly at a series of "Recall Mayor Sam Adams" signs. They're pasted strategically across the windows of a storefront that's been privately donated to the cause.

Bashing By Billboard!

And from what I witnessed after I went inside...these Portlanders mean business.

This is the second try for those who believe that Sam Adams never should have become the mayor in the first place.

And their attitude is related to a number of concerns, which began when Mayor Adams did a very stupid thing:

He let his personal life loose in the wrong place at the wrong time. And an increasing faction of people are not about to forgive him for it.

Then there's the fact that he is openly gay which rubs some citizens of this Rose City right into the thorns.

And some Portlanders are angry because they say that Mayor Sam Adams is making the wrong decisions when it comes to the budget.

For whatever reason, ten people interrupted a steady stream of phone calls and signed the petition in the hour that I was there.

It made me wonder how it will all end.

The "War Room", manned by a lone woman, has a carnival atmosphere.

There are buttons, t-shirts and even patriotically-tinted straw hats everywhere.

Lists of signatures and related paperwork litter the tables.

And when I scanned them, I wished that the people involved were working for a much more critical cause.

There are so many serious problems in Portland right now.

When the fight is over and those REAL concerns come up on the agenda, will anyone make THOSE issues disappear?

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