Thursday, March 11, 2010

Edit THIS!

In the forty-five minutes that I have left in this library, I am going to add this post to what I have shared today.

A woman, who is a published author, decided to take it upon herself to contact an editor (according to her, I have seen nothing to prove this) who has requested a "book proposal" from me.

However, the woman refused to give me the name of the editor or any contact information for that person.

So I blew off the whole thing.

And just in case, by some slight chance, an editor really does read this post...

...understand this:

The woman writer gave me the impression that she is the one who should take the reigns on this. Not me.

Uhhh...well, ya know...

I'm the one who has traveled the miles down the roads and maintained the blog for over five years. I have carried the pack, suffered the blisters, the sunburns, the bruises...shivering or sweating depending on the weather...dealt with angels and really stupid people...put my thumb out and my butt on the line with every potential ride...eaten soup kitchen meals and worn thrift store clothes...and created a fictional story in my head that I think will knock the reader (or viewer I hope) on his or her ass.

I've done paid my dues, ya'll.

So nobody is going to call me incapable and pull it all out of my hands with a greedy hand and a snobbish sniff.

Hell no.

Consider my words written.

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